Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Great Strong Woman

Patrick and I went to hear Elizabeth Edwards this evening at a venue in Bricktown. She is an amazingly articulate woman who is very down to earth, engaging, likes Anne Lamott and very obviously believes in everything her husband is wanting to accomplish. Listening to her tonight makes me look at John Edwards in a very different light. Mrs. Edwards also outlined the health care plan and, interestingly, emphasized her husband's high priority with this compared to the other candidates. It begins with the country sectioned off in regions. It covers chronic illnesses, there is not the 25K cap ( this includes long term care, mental health, dental and vision). In addition to the BCBS in the world there will be a Medicare Plus provider. The advantage is a 3-4% overhead, no person will pay more than 4% of their income for their health insurance. The lowest wage earners will be fully subsidized. Employers will provide for their workers, but if they choose not to, they will pay in which will be less than what they provide now. All of the efficiencies that are in Senators Obama and Clinton's program are in Senator Edwards, however Senator Edwards came out with his plan in February. One more issue close to my heart is the carbon footprint that all of our imports are leaving. Even though we are getting socks, t-shirts, food very cheaply from foreign countries the ecological cost of importing these is huge. Senator Edwards wants to have these outsources services pay the price of transporting items from china to usa to oklahoma to dillards to the outlet to big lots. Love it all! Anyway, after this long post please check out Senator Edwards website! Elizabeth is amazing!!!

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