Sunday, July 1, 2007

My favorite Blogs and BATS!

Check out my BATS! picture. Very cool part of western OK.
Crazy Aunt Purl is checked daily. Laurie writes very well and it has been amazing watching her grow after her divorce. What an asshole he must be to leave this funny witty bright woman. I love her!
Go Fug Yourself is a wonderful biting criticism of fashion mistakes. This is very good stuff with great pictures!
Ms. Glaze's blog has great pictures and videos from her experiences as a chef in Paris. I haven't been able to watch her "You Tube" how to skin a rabbit --- but the others are fun. Word of warning ---- the rabbit video is quite graphic and is not suitable for children and some of us adults.
Dooce only posts a couple of times, maybe three times a week --- but she writes really well. I also like her posts of getting fired from her job for blogging about her bosses.
Coquette has style links from the web. I like the number of links --- however it's not very well written.
You Tube!!! Not necessarily a blog --- but Oh my God! what a delicious way to kill time. Here's my new favorite video.

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