Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The six I's (but maybe I need 7 to make it more significant and Lucky)

Italy, India, Indonesia and Investigate, Indict and Impeach

Just as I am reading Eat, Pray and Love, I also read a reader's response on BuzzFlash in relation to President Bush. Not trying to sound too weird, or too hopeful I think there has to be significance in all of these "I's".

On another note my significant 7th could be my "World Neighbors" Summer 2007 issue. I love love love the article on Work of Women. Please consider this excellent group as a recipient for family or friend gifts. The practice of charitable gift giving is gaining in my little world. Another notable would be Hearts for Hearing which is a very deserving non-profit that is close to my heart.

One More Thing! the precious picture on the right is from Sergio Pessalano! Please please please check out his other photos on Flickr! he is truly moving and a very wonderful artist!

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