Sunday, August 19, 2007

Robin Meyers is back!

Today was Dr. Meyers first Sunday back from his summer retreat. Apparently he has received an inordinately large amount of mail from readers of the Gazette regarding one of his columns this summer. It's good to have him back and be back into a routine again. The announcement of the new education wing being more effectively utilized was heartwarming. I think this might be an area where I can contribute---my hours are so limited and my experience with autism and EI is about 7 years old --- but maybe they need someone to clean toys?

Thoughts from my thinking brain --- if you think you know it all, life will throw you a curve. The curve I was thrown has been enlightening! I wouldn't trade it for anything!


Patrick said...

I was thinking after listening to Robin's sermon on Sunday that I could not go to a church where I wasn't stimulated intellectually and this church definitely does this. The church has been a curveball for me.

Tami Holliday Elder said...

My curveball is that f--king video! Guess I shouldn't use profanity when talking about Mayflower! Unless it's linked to that asshole president we have!