Saturday, August 4, 2007

We have now been awake for an hour . . . . .

Our neighbors (2 doors down) had a party that ended at 4:45 which is about 5 minutes before Patrick wakes up on a weekday. We are now awake --- I have read the paper 'daily disappointment' --- had two cups of coffee ---and am currently watching an MTV show about very spoiled children? performers? and 16th birthday parties they have. I guess if I knew who these people were it would make a little more sense. But I did learn a new adjective "dopest" such as "This is the dopest cake I ever seen!" From the context of the message it must mean "Great".
My to do list today:
Go to the lake --- 3 mile walk and to exercise my grateful muscle
Take Diane's painting to have it stretched.
Call Eddie to see if he can build some bookcases for BEN!'s former bedroom
Go the Birkenstock store and try on those boots
Read halfway Absurdistan (excellent book!)

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