Monday, September 10, 2007

The Costa Ricans are Coming!

I am sitting here with the windows open, a sweatshirt on and anticipating the visit of a delegation from Costa Rica. I'm not sure exactly where CR is --- however I do know it's in Central America. Of course it doesn't help I don't know where Puerto Rico is. I am very good at many things but I am not good at geography (unapologetically not good!) and I suck at finances and organization. But back to the CRs . . . they should be here on Wednesday, and it should be great fun to meet new people with our same interests! So just as prep interesting points of discussion would be:
the rain forest
the language
the health care system
the ketzel (I need find out more about this!)

I have also just discovered with my run/walk in the am I should have tanrsitioned to running the whole damn distance by now. So here is to no rain tomorrow and not too terrible temps --- it really is only September and "Fair" weather here in OK! It should really only be raining! Let's get a little more real with the temps around here!

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Patrick said...

I am thinking Costa Rica in 2008!