Sunday, September 2, 2007

No End In Sight

Since you might be reading this I guess I can safely guess you are disappointed with the state of affairs here in the US. We saw this movie this afternoon and I can't recommend it strongly enough for the uninformed (me) and the informed (Patrick).
Major highlights from the movie are:
There are three huge catastrohpic mistakes made by Paul Bremer who was the director of the Coalition Provisional Authority. Most notably he disbanded the Iraqi Army and all of a sudden over 100,000 troops were without a job and a paycheck. So really, what else are all of these men going to do bit contribute to the subsequent insurgency? Wikipedia has several other pieces of info that weren't referred to in the documentary.
Another noteworthy number would be the 1.86 trillion dollars that will be spent on this. hhhmmmm, so we could be spending these $$ on educating our children, finding cures for cancers, drinkable water for the world and probably finding a way to live on this very small planet with religious fundamentalists.


Patrick said...

If Farenheit 911 brought you to the conclusion that the Bush administration was morally bankrupt, then this documentary "No End in Sight" will leave you with the idea that they are also totally inept. Wow! What a dangerous combination!

Zataod said...

I've heard good things about this movie.

I won't be happy until these criminals are put behind bars. The NeoConMen have pulled a fast one on us.