Thursday, October 11, 2007

Booking Through Thursday; Pat Jones OSU Football Coach

I said in August, when we talked about fan mail, that I planned on expanding that to live meetings when the time was right. Well, that time is now!

* Have you ever met one of your favorite authors? Gotten their autograph?
* How about an author you felt only so-so about, but got their autograph anyway? Like, say, at a book-signing a friend dragged you to?
* How about stumbling across a book signing or reading and being so captivated, you bought the book?

Ok, Here is one where 1-I had never read the author, 2-wouldn't recognize the author if you saw the person, 3-don't give a flip about what the author is writing about, and 4-am not even sure if you can remember the author's name. I was at Borders one night about 3 months ago with my elderly mother-in-law. I left her in the car (car was running but locked) and I ran in to purchase two known (as in I wasn't browsing) books. I was totally rushing trying to find the 'teen' section (don't ask) and I ran across a book signing that was taking place next to the teen section. What was amazing was that it was a group of people that you would not see in Borders on a weeknight. It was men from varying ages of retirement to my sons' age. They all were smiling, holding their books and listening to a very ordinary gentleman who looked like any other normal Oklahoman. He had on a plaid shirt and blue jeans, his arms were crossed and he was leaning back in his chair. I'm not sure if I can describe the looks on the 'fans' faces but I had to buy his book for this reason alone. He very kindly signed it with a "Merry Christmas" so I can give it as a gift if I'm so inclined. Mr. Jones is terribly charismatic and that sold me!


Patrick said...

Pat Jones would be the type of guy you would want to sit down with a few beers and talk about college football and professional football. That would be a great Christmas gift!

BookGal said...

Fun story. That's the kind of thing I'd do too.

gautami tripathy said...

Seems like you enjoyed!

alisonwonderland said...

great story!