Sunday, April 27, 2008

Family, Life, Love and Mothers

This whole weekend has been composed of wonderful experiences that have been physical, emotional, and reflective. My very dear cousin Connie has been in town because my uncle is quite ill. She is only 44 years old and has experienced so much happiness and pain that I have had to stand back and admire her courage and humor as she has navigated this and I have also taken notes on her dignity and kindness. A couple of thoughts: My uncle, her father, has these recordings on some sort of reel to reel tape. We used to listen again and again to "Peter and the Wolf" on his amazing stereo system. This is one of my major major memories of childhood. I can almost hear the orchestra emulating the sound of the wolf moving through the story. I forgot to ask her where the stereo and tapes are . . . these are so wonderful!!
Another thought:
Well let's just say life is a blessing and work has meaning.


Patrick said...

My memories of Uncle Kent was that he played trumpet? trombone? and loved jazz music. He left the family shortly after I joined it, but I would have like to have known him better.

cleanjokes said...

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