Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Erin at 12.784 weeks (calculated by my son-in-law)

Happy Mothering to you Dear Daughter! As you are beginning your second trimester things have been really hopping around here! So just for a quick recap of this past couple of months:
*Gas has gone up and up and up
*Barack Obama is about to "seal the deal" on the Democratic nomination for president.
*It has been mild tornado weather this season (although this could be the kiss of death for me to speculate like this!)
*My back is beginning to feel better and I think I should be able to pick your baby up quite easily in November.
*I am currently refinishing a very old trunk from your father's grandparents' era. This was the same trunk I was fooling around with when you were quite quite young.
*I am busy at work and am hoping the upcoming OB appt I am invited to will take place at the right time!
*I am really wanting to see what you are going to have ---- boy or girl??----so I can focus my rambling attention!
*the real reason i wrote this is because I love this picture Tim took of you!

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Patrick said...

She is a very natural, beautiful woman! I am not biased either!