Monday, August 11, 2008

Favorite Memorable Sports Moment

Octamom has a wonderful new post about Sports!! She wants your most favorite or memorable sporting/athletic event. Mine was easy! Our oldest son's childhood best friend and college roommate and still very best friend is a phenomenal wrestler. His name is Johnny Thompson and after high school he went onto Oklahoma State University --- he wanted to go to OU but Jack Spates already had 133 pounder --- so John Smith brought him on as a "Cowboy"! Johnny went on to win runner up at the NCAA tournament his first year and then took first place at the next two NCAA tourneys. He won 3rd place his senior year. He was part of one of the winningest wrestling teams in OSU history. But, he also wrestled all through childhood and high school. Because he was either spending the night here or our sons were over there I saw him a lot and must say I have seen him wrestle quite a bit and mostly he won.

My most favorite win was when he won the high school championships for the first time his senior year!!! He wrestled well and when he won he ran straight to the arms of his dad --- not his coach. This has always stuck with me . . . it was his father!! I would want my children to do the same!!

Picture: Ben, Paul, Johnny and Chuck!!!! Love them all


Octamom said...

I love the part where he ran to his dad---wow. That tells you where he knew the support and love and the cheering was from--so amazing!


AVTCOACH said...

Another good one! This principle a key in the AVT we share.

Your teammate down the hall!

Patrick said...

My favorite sports moment would have to be last year at the PGA Championship in Tulsa where it was over 100 degrees each day. I got a chance to see the very best in golf including being two feet away from Tiger Woods. The tournament was an endurance contest, but now all I remember is the great time I had there.