Sunday, August 17, 2008

Take a Look at the Big Picture

I stumbled across a wonderful video . . . which pulls together several issues that are close to my heart. The site "The Story of Stuff" is a concise summation of how we have become a nation of consumers. So this is how I have come to be what I am. . .sigh ( so much for Michelle Obama's new dress I want!) Anyway, our home's new motto is(and we will see where this goes) nothing enters this house unless something is broken, empty or mutually agreed upon we need. Let's see where this experiment goes and how much we can change in the next months before our new grandson is born. This will be my deadline for changing my little patch of this wondrous world. --- Annie Leonard ROCKS!!


Patrick said...

This will be challenging, especially with two babies on the horizon, but we have done well lately.....we will make it!

Octamom said...

Compelling--just finishing up a closet/garage/cabinet clean-out--it is amazing the stuff we think we 'need' that turns out to be a passing fancy---

Glad you like the beach pics!
It was a ball!