Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wii Fit Addiction

Patrick and I have been married 29 years and after our marriage I quickly realized he was the ultimate geek --- albeit a handsome wonderful husband and father geek. We have always had the latest gaming systems and he has consistently been ahead with regard to computer systems and cameras. So all this history said, I have never ever ever wanted to play anything (except Tetris when I was in graduate school) until the Wii Fit came along. I Love love love love love this game and this is good because I was getting a little bored with the Wii. We have only had the game for a couple of weeks and as you can see from the photo I am a little bit addicted. Dear Me, I have already asked my daughter if I can bring the Wii Fit to Tulsa when my grandson is born! I'm not sure of the exact definition of addiction but I think I am having a couple of issues with this game!!


Patrick said...

I take exception to the title 'ultimate geek'. I think I was the last one in the world to get a HD TV and the motivation to get one was to watch sports. My choice of the WII was not very high tech. My camera is still a point and shoot. I will admit, I spend a bit too much time in Best Buy looking at stuff, but I could be way geekier. I agree with you about the handsome part though!

Octamom said...

We are Wii Fitting around here as well--5 & 6 of 8 had a run-off a couple of weeks ago that went on and on and on---not that I'm complaining!