Monday, September 8, 2008

One More?

Octamom asked this question of readers at her blog. Her eloquence is lovely and it provides words to the careful thoughts my husband and I had when having children. Although we were quite young we wanted children very early and also, fortunately, our marriage was surviving our youth. We were married in July and I was pregnant by Christmas. Joyful blessing #1 was born and then quickly joyful blessing #2 was born. Still being quite young we decided to stop and my husband had a vasectomy. This was carefully considered and much emphasis was placed upon adoption in a few years. I have to say I wasn't quite ready for the "only 2" and knew in my heart we would have more. However, the surprise of my life, (and one of the things that taught me a lot about myself)I became pregnant with joyful blessing #3. Incidentally, Patrick's vas deferens had recannulated ---- we are in the medical field. This was the joyful blessing that completed our family --- we felt whole and happy. The picture is of Joyful Blessing #3 . . isn't he just the most handsome wonderful smart creative person in the world?


AVTCOACH said...

I love your joyful blessing stories. Wonderful post. Have a great day!

Octamom said...

Love this--it is so amazing to see the way families are knit together--


Patrick said...

If the world were inhabited by only those people that were conceived and born by careful planning, the world would not be inhabited.