Saturday, September 20, 2008

Retreat by Wikipedia

Here is the definition of "retreat" (edited a little by me):
"The term retreat has several related meanings, all of which have in common the notion of safety or temporarily removing oneself from one's usual environment in order to become immersed in a particular subject matter. Spiritual retreats allow time for reflection, prayer, or meditation. They are considered essential in Buddhism[1], and are also popular in many Christian churches, where they are seen as mirroring Christ's forty days in the desert,[2] including evangelical Protestantism, Roman Catholicism and Anglicanism."
Very beneficial and purposeful are my descriptions!! I also anticipate much growth from this process!

Please note the picture by Sergio Pessolano . He is an amazing world photographer . .. ..

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Patrick said...

For some reason, when I think of retreat, I think of autumn. I don't know why. Maybe it is the idea of a time that you start to slow down, notice cool breezes and the changing foliage. A time to allow the world to catch up a bit.