Thursday, October 23, 2008


My new grandson has many traits that are emerging as he grows and responds to his world around him ---- today's most evident is curiousity! He will find his father's voice, his mother's voice and is now exchanging curious stares with me! He continues to be mighty strong but is also wide-eyed curious and not ruffled by life's little noises, diaper changes or any of other various disruptions in a newborns peaceful glorious restful state. God is good!


CRUARK said...

I loved getting to meet (and HOLD) Theron!! Hope you got some sleep, thanks for letting us come over late :)

Patrick said...

He is very cute! Today he will see me for the first time (although I have seen him).

avtcoach said...

Oh! He is so very precious. I am so sorry you had to leave him in Tulsa! I am go glad you have your technology pillow to comfort you! Love you!