Sunday, October 12, 2008

Letter to my Grandson

Dearest Grandson,
I wanted to quickly write you a quick note to bring you up to speed in the Roberts-Elder family.

To begin with I understand you are burning calories like a mofo (pardon the colloquialism . . . but I love to try and use these as much as inappropriately possible!) Your mommy told me you will be gaining one pound a week for the next five weeks which is a huge amount of work and effort on your part. She also told me you are now getting the hiccups and just this past week I saw extreme examples of your mighty strength! I understand you are a little camera shy and I can appreciate your wanting your parents to wait to see your very spectacularly handsome precious face!

You are quite lucky in that you will be born to two people who are already so totally devoted to your every want and need. Hhhhmmmmm, I wonder when you will first figure out how much power you have. Both of your parents have investigated – down to the most insignificant detail – the best way to comfort you in times of stress, the best way to feed you when you are hungry and the best way to stimulate your continued brain development (just to name a few). They will quickly realize these are wonderful efforts but you will definitely be guiding both of them!

On another note things are really hopping on the outside world . . . definitely in a huge part to your upcoming birthday but also to a presidential election and a general economical nightmare. You will learn much more of this later when we will regale you with stories of our consumerism running rampant, of our blind eye to poverty and endless waste of consumables.


Love and kisses,
Yo Mami


AVT Coach said...

I cannot believe the day is getting so close! I am already envisioning future posts with wonderful pictures and cute quotes. What a nice letter to show him later that he was so wanted by his mami and she was looking toward a blessed future!

Patrick said...

A very well written letter to a very special individual that will definately get used to seeing campaign signs in both his parents and grandparents yards. Here is to hoping that his little mind remains open, absorbs lots and give back even more.