Friday, October 3, 2008

Thank God for Uncle Nate or N8

Last night Patrick and I picked up Ben from the airport here in OKC and were blessed the plane was late. This is because we had the opportunity to meet Nate's nephew Jake, his niece Jordan, his two sisters, his brother and his mother. Nate has been in Iraq and his nephew and niece's father is in Iraq and will be home in two weeks. We were able to sit and chat for about 30 minutes while we were all waiting for the delayed plane from Denver. Nate's sister (mother of these two precious children) proudly shared her brother and her husband's commitment to serve for all of us. Love this whole family!


Patrick said...

What a great family and what a commitment they have to America! The little boy loves animals and is apparently quite a good "mutton buster" (riding a rambunctuous sheep bareback).

AVT Coach said...

What a great experience for you! We don't have easy access to the personal story unless we know someone over there. I only personally know one young man who is in Iraq. His mom keeps me posted on his experiences. The photo you took is precious!