Friday, January 19, 2007

First Week

I was sitting in my office and received a phone call from Tom asking me to journal this first year of our new . . . . . hhhmmmm the first thing is what is this first year called? Is it the first year of our profession? the first year of all of working more closely in less constrained quarters? is it the first year of all of us working for a non-profit? It is definitely the first year of a lot of personal and professional growth. So as of January 19 we have settled into a groove and I ready to say we have all completed our first week. We are also experiencing a week weird crazy weather! We received multiple inches of ice last weekend that resulted in OK making the national news (usually our weather that makes it national is tornado-related) and also causing school to cancel this whole week. Interestingly we came in to work today and realized Intrepid (not the real name) moved all of the ice in the parking lot at the "Beast Center" (again not the real name) but had never moved any snow or ice at the "cocklear center" where we previously worked!

But all in all, it has been a week of sorrow and laughs. Smitty's father passed this last weekend and we have all had thoughts, prayers and love for Joanna and her family. We have also had record breaking numbers of babies referred along with fitting HAs on all of these.

Another interesting thought has been the new designers interpretation of our "look" which includes a logo . . . . From Hooters to Hanen to Harry Potter to Winnie the Pooh we are all curious to see where the 'owl' lands.

Here's to 4-8 inches of snow this weekend! Rats! more cancellations this next week or if you are a mom going stir crazy you will brave anything to come to H4H.

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