Monday, February 5, 2007

FOX 25 News

Erin's friend from college, Courtney Coates, randomly found our dogs' dogster sites. We received a phone call from her a couple of months ago and I said sure whatever she wants or anything I can do to help. She then called a couple of weeks ago and we set up a date for February 4. Well Erin had her surgery, Ben had the John Mayer PR stuff to do for Kunek and I had a family workshop at Hearts for Hearing. After our family workshop Patrick and I raced off to Tulsa to see Erin and Tim. WE then came home Sunday afternoon and Courtney and Billy arrived one hour later. They were just wonderful, very kind, very solicitous, and Billy promised only flattering shots of me! (Hhhhmmm we'll see) So if you are interested tune into Fox 25 news here in OKC on Friday the 9th. Just as an aside, I am so disgusted with all of the weather alarmists on the city's 3 news stations, I was glad to hear FOX was going to have a morning program soon. They have got to be better than these other yahoos.

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