Sunday, July 29, 2007

Back and extremely happy, tired and frustrated with professionals

What an extremely rewarding trip! The presentation went well ---- better than anything I have ever done ---- Wendy and I are working on doing this dance together. All of the feedback was better than anything we have ever done! Hopefully all will learn more in the journal which will come out in November!
I am so very tired from 5 or 5 and one-half hours of sleep at night! Sharing a hotel room with others is great --- I just don't want to interrupt others' sleep and tend to have 'anxiety' right after I get in bed. WooHoo!! I am glad that won't happen again for a while.
I am frustrated with professionals who complain and don't contribute to the overall improvement of our profession. Anyway, individuals must move or we will get hit by the train! Love what I do but . . . ok . . . definitely time to go to bed!

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