Monday, July 9, 2007

Centennial Summer Camp

The first day of summer camp kicked off to a great start. The only thing that was forgotten was my memory card ---left in this computer ---very convenient but conveniently forgotten. The centennial theme lended great vocabulary and visitors who had to be terribly impressed with all of our listening and talking! Every camper has grown and changed so much since last summer and it made our hearts sing for all of the opportunities!

The first visitor today was Mr. Monty Harper and his daughter Evelyn. The songs were excellent and very interactive. We also learned new facts about Oklahoma. Our very dear second visitor was Mr. Joe Kreger. Mr. Kreger was appointed Poet Laureate by Governor Frank Keating several years ago. What a special and moving reading he did. We had many questions and will thankfully be able to review more of his poems in our two new books during therapy after this week.

Well off to go get ready for tomorrow!

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