Saturday, July 14, 2007

Very Random Thoughts, this is more boring than usual

Patrick and I are off to Tulsa to see Tim and Erin. This post is really just a good dumping place for my mind which can't seem to settle this morning. BEN! will be at a Bachelor Party (all day I think) and we may go hiking, shopping and most definitely eat! Tulsa is an excellent place for local cuisine, and not too many chain places. We are eating at a very very yummy grill. More on that tomorrow.
The summer camp ended quite well except for when the Red Carpet bus driver hit a car in downtown OKC. I guess Friday the 13th was not her day, however she demonstrated a lot of difficulty just getting around. I'm pretty sure the driver was not from OKC.
OK, this helps. Love, love, love my family!

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