Saturday, August 18, 2007

Baggu Bags are coming!

I ordered 6 of these about a month ago and they were backordered until this week. My paypal account did not note the payment until the bags arrived and I received a very kind e-mail from Emily re the kahki and black colored bags. She immediately responded back to my response and I think I will endorse this company after I have an opportunity to use the bags. I bought enough for Erin and Maggie to try so their opinions will be coming also.

Anyway, check out their website and also listen to Diane Rehm's podcast about plastic bags from this past week! I think this weekend I will explore an option for the kitchen trash bags.

If you are successfully transitioning off of a plastic addiction --- let me know your strategies!


Erin said...

Yes! I am ready for my bag!

Zataod said...

We recently got some re-usable bags from Trader Joe's. It's a small step, but lots of small steps can help.

Tami Holliday Elder said...

Trader Joe's? Wish we had one, along with a Whole Foods Market!