Friday, August 24, 2007

Dinner at VZD's

First I need to say that this is a rant about excellent food and poor waitstaff. Fridays are 'difficult' for us because I am usually working in Tulsa and if we don't stay the weekend inTulsa I drive back to OKC and it becomes a 12 hour day. I love love love my Tulsa days, just not the long hours. So we almost always eat out and our most favorite is VZDs. The food is always consistently excellent however the waitstaff is always women who seem to feel harried, very busy (unless you are a 25 year old person or are dining with a 25 year old person--- like BEN!) and are very edgy, cute and tatooed. Even if you tip very generously the waiting does not improve the next time you dine. However, the chefs are excellent! The food is wonderful and fresh. Tonight Patrick had the New York Strip with a wet Jamaican Rub and some sort of Wasabi sauce. I was going to order the Salmon Chop Salad but I decided upon the quiche and salad. Of course the salad dressing was screwed up but the food was perfect!

I feel as though I have a food hangover!!! What is your all's best food hangover? What has been so wonderful and was worth the pain later?

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Patrick said...

VZD's is at its best when the afternoon lawyers depart and before the patrons arrive to watch the evening's concert. Yesterday at VZD's it seems like the lawyers were replaced by several birthday groups and the noise level and confusion was almost like the concert crowd. Fortunately, the food saved the bad waitressing. It seems that the female waiters spend a lot of time interacting with each other, time better served by waiting on customers.