Saturday, August 25, 2007

Saturday Stuff

Patrick and I attended Frances' daughter's wedding today (Erin, note Frances' hat --- it was very Frances-like with glitter, crystals and what looked like small mirrors) It was at 3 --- right in the middle of the day! The wedding was precious with an exuberant quality we haven't seen at weddings lately. Lots of laughter, singing, a ballet dance and inspirational prayers. The ballet dance at the beginning was and added piece I hadn't seen before, along with the very gentlemanly quality the groomsmen had while escorting the bridesmaids. We enjoyed the ceremony and left immediately after. From there we went to Cafe Nova enjoyed a drink and a cheese tray and are now back at home!

I have to finish Absurdistan this weekend -- book club is Wednesday. This reminds me check out this from a Canadian. I am going to forward it to the women I meet with, this is truly me. I have serious book issues ---.

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