Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hot Hot Hot and did I say it has been Hot?

Signs of heat exhaustion include:
dizziness, sweating, headache, tiredness and weakness.
So much for running around OKC in the middle of the afternoon and trying to get many things accomplished. Ah well, no heat exahustion, but a headache and sweating set in.

There has been a very sad drowning here due to the excessive water flowing at the bottom of the dam at Lake Overholser. The young teen who died was a cross country runner and also worked at the grocery store we frequent. Very sad and heartwarming to see all of his classmates and friends with carwashes and coffee cans for donations to help his family.

On the second anniversary of the Katrina debacle and Oklahoma's crazy ass weather and men who have to go underground to mine coal ---I can't help but think about the impact of our energy consumption on our environment. I wish I had an answer.

Oh and this is a picture Patrick took on our run/walk this morning at Lake Hefner Jogtography in action! You can see how 'swollen' the lake is --- the water level has not gone down all summer.


Patrick said...

Remember, I have the name "Jogtography" copyrighted. You can send me a check to my home address whenever you use that word!

Zataod said...

The cicadas seem to love the heat. I'm looking forward to cooler weather more than anything else.

Tami Holliday Elder said...

We are thinking cicadas are similar to locusts . . . right? Here they don't swoop . . . that would really freak me out!

Zataod said...

They don't swoop here, either. They are only really an issue early in the morning before the sun has come up, and when I'm running. They tend to hand out on the streets, and fly up suddenly as I pass them. Once or twice, I've actually stepped on a cicada. They aren't easy to see in the dark.