Saturday, September 1, 2007

Trying to conserve energy around our home and my workplace

I feel we must work harder about our energy consumption. The plastic bags are gone and the sandwich and zip lock baggies are also being weaned out. We have steadily replaced our light bulbs a year ago and we are only replacing electronics or home appliances as they become irreparable. This article has provided some very good ideas re consumption in the workplace. The idea of using a fountain pen is concerning considering my propensity for leaving things 'around'. Reading Beth's blog inspires me and is the source for the workplace consumption ideas. My response to her request for your most useless plastic items would be the sucky plastic containers that hold our technology purchases. One other useful item would be a shrimp peeler that is made from wood. It would feel lighter, smoother and more natural in my hand. Has anybody seen one?

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