Monday, August 13, 2007

Open letter to Dean B. ( a local sportscaster here in OKC)

As most of you all know, Patrick cannot stand one of the local sportscasters here in OKC. This person has been around forever and is lousy at what he does. The men (Patrick, Paul and BEN!) I have lived with along with the man (Tim) my daughter married will all attest to his smarmy reputation. From what I have gathered this evening, Tiger Woods was ready to break a PGA record (???) on Friday and missed a shot (putt??? or a hole???). At the same hole Dean B's cell phone went off a few seconds before Tiger made the shot( swing, hit, bat???) So Dean B is now talking about this on the local 'Sports Talk' radio and Patrick is furiously angry. Here is the letter he sent to Dean B (What fun this is along with Karl Rove leaving!):

I am a contemporary of yours, born in 1956, and have noticed your career from Norman High to the University of Oklahoma to various reporting jobs in the sports field. I listen to the Sports Animal exclusively and have heard you on numerous occasions.

I have never felt the need to comment to you personally, although I have made many comments to family and friends regarding tidbits of information that I have heard concerning your unprofessional behavior gleaned from various sources, including current and past co-workers. What intrigues me about this is how carefully you try to present yourself as just a common humble person on the radio, which doesn't jive with the reputation that you have with those have contact with you professionally.

What really made me write this email is your behavior at Southern Hills this week. What a great, prestigious event for Tulsa and the State of Oklahoma. I attended the Saturday and Sunday sessions and through lots of hydration and strategic shade placement, I was able not to pass out and not require the use of the medics who, I felt, would probably have their hands full with the older, more infirm patrons there. This was not the case with you. I do not know if you took the heat seriously, but smoking a cigar indicated that you were in a mindset to "country club" the day away. That mindset made an embarrassment out of you and the fact the you are former Oklahoma Sportscaster of the Year.You hit the ground before that poor old man with the cane did! You swooned in the heat, Dean. The low blood pressure diagnosis rings hollow, although I am sure the doctors were pressed for a diagnosis.

I didn't think that anything could be more embarrassing than passing out at the PGA Championship till I heard that your cellphone went off six seconds before Tiger putted for an historic 62. Wow! Oklahoma Sports Caster of the Year doesn't have enough sense to turn his cellphone off during a major championship. Actually, Dean, to give you credit, I think you do have the sense to turn off your cellphone. I just think you don't turn it off because your "stature" allows you to do things that you condone in others. Your comment about how you and your wife "glance at each other and think about sending that person to Hades" when their cellphone goes off in Church is ludicrous.

Sitting on the 5th green on Sunday, when Tiger was about to hit out of the sand and then putt, the silence from the large gallery was remarkable. No one coughed, nobody moved and you could heard the birds. It was a collective, hold your breath moment that everyone with even a small bit of sports sense recognized as inviolate. I am sure it was the same way on the 18th on Friday when you violated the inviolate.

I spent a wonderful Saturday and Sunday at Southern Hills in Tulsa. I saw no one pass out and no one taken away on an EMSA cart. I heard no cell phones and saw no disruptions. To think that a former Oklahoma Sports Caster of the Year did all of these things in one Tournament makes me question why NewsChannel 9 continues to employ you as sports director. Please forward this to your boss.

Patrick Elder
Oklahoma City

Glad we have this for prosperity!

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Zataod said...

As a Midwesterner, I'm impressed that anyone can tolerate the heat and humidity for such long stretches.

That is a very well crafted letter. It sounds like Dean B. needs a lesson in humility.