Saturday, August 11, 2007

Southern Hills PGA Championship and Tulsa

Or is it Championship PGA at Southern Hills? or maybe PGA Championship at Southern Hills. Whatever the verbage, Patrick and Tim Roberts left at 5:30am? or 6:30am? today. Both will be in the sweltering heat and hopefully in the shade for most of the day. Tim Landes snagged two very free VIP passes for today and tomorrow. It would be an understatement to say both my son-in-law and husband are a little excited.

We both met Erin and Tim and BEN! at Ben's new place in Tulsa after work last night. Ben's new home is wonderful for him and his roommate, Tim Landes. We had dinner at Boston Deli and I swear I have never ever had anything so wonderful in my life!. The Portabello Mushroom dish was delicious and we all enjoyed bites of pie for dessert. Oddly, we really prefer lighter food bu there is something about the atmosphere, the servers, the company our children and the home cooked meals that complement each other.

OK, so now I will go to my favorite running map and set out a 3 mile course over on Riverside this am.

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