Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Rain, Mike Gundy and Oklahoma History Museum

I am so totally a nervous nelly and did not go to the lake this am to walk/run due to the thunder and lightening. Even though it didn't rain I just couldn't bring myself to be outside in the middle of an Oklahoma thunderstorm. When our children played t-ball I remember it was game over whenever you saw lightening. Or maybe I was just looking for an excuse to stay in bed. Aaaahhhh.

The news about Mike Gundy unleashing on that terrible reporter from the "Daily Oklahoman" or "Daily Disappointment" made the front page of Yahoo today. Wow, too bad everyone else around this wonderful world can't enjoy this as much as we are. Unfortunately football can make the front page here and it certainly has! Everyone has an opinion and I was even prompted to write a letter to the editor (which will never be published). Very sadly the uproar is probably more about the reporter being a woman --I don't like her writing style, she's very emotional--- than about her inaccuracies in her reporting.

The Oklahoma History Museum is wonderful and I have to conclude with a very precious picture our youngest son, BEN!, took of his grandfather next to the Tuskegee airman statue. It became quite poignant when Patrick reminded me who the Tuskegee airmen were. My father-n-law served in the Navy during WWII and was caught in Halsey's Typhoon.

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Patrick said...

Our WWII vets are leaving this free country in astounding numbers. This generation put their heart, soul and body into a cause that would suppress a threat to all the people in the free world. A just war is characterized by the percentage of people that are willing to fight it. This current Iraq war has minority numbers that wish to support and far less that would actually fight it.