Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Resilience Continued continued part 3; Develop Personal Meaning

Personal Meaning is defined as the morality, integrity, spirituality and life meaning. To develop personal meaning it is recommended you question your old beliefs, foster altruism, engage in social activism and to discard activities that are not consistent with your personal values.

Questioning old beliefs has been cleansing for me --- when I was six I never questioned if there was a Santa Claus. I actually hung onto this belief so strongly I was devastated when my mother finally told me there was no Santa Claus after she overheard me strongly supporting my belief to another friend. When I married my husband, I questioned the Catholic church's all knowing endorsement of male leadership. Most lately my belief of heaven and hell as being specific places that people who die go to. I knew this wasn't quite right but could never let go of the heaven/hell locales until Robin Meyers provided me with another perspective. This perspective has come at a time when disregarding old beliefs has been consistent with my personal values (ie there is no way all the Muslims who die are in hell).

I want to have the courage to act from my heart and compassion to keep my heart open.

Thoughts on altruism Patrick?

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Patrick said...

It is interesting that you mentioned Santa Claus since it is that concept that marks much of society. You behave and you will get a reward. By throwing heaven and hell into your blog, you complete the cycle for adults who believe that the basis for doing good is to get into heaven or avoid hell.
Altruism promises no reward beyond the extremely rewarding feeling that you have reached out and helped someone with no expectation of reciprocity.
I personally believe that the Santa Claus myth should not be told to children and I personally believe that you should not attend churches who's sole purpose is to get you into heaven or to make you financially well off.