Thursday, September 20, 2007

Resilience Continued, Build Strong Relationships

Enhance communication, collaborate, seek inclusiveness and diversity, foster a team approach, proactive conflict resolution and strive to be genuine, warm and empathetic.

These words all sound like they belong on a resume. I'm not sure I can write something that doesn't sound like it's coming from a Stephen Covey workshop. In short the three characteristics of being genuine, warm and empathetic should be practiced by all. Less war, more kindness and empathy for everyone.

On a more interesting note Patrick says to "dump the dollar" and wants to purchase Euros tomorrow. I still don't understand this --- I was confused in Europe last year on my financial calculations (I kept calculating the wrong way).


Patrick said...

In France last year, I kept hearing "If this costs 150 euros, then that is only 75 dollars, right?"

Is this an example of wishful thinking?

Tami Holliday Elder said...

Yes, that would be my euro mathematical genius. Ever sharp huh?