Saturday, May 17, 2008


Tonight as I was scraping the last of the "goop" off of the very old trunk . . I found a Candyland playing card in under one of the wooden slats. This brought back a rush of memories playing with my children. I remember how much a card could make one of the children emotional and so of course we endlessly adapted the rules to fit the situations. It could be it was time for Ben to win or maybe it was time for Erin to be patient or maybe it was time for Paul to go to bed. Whatever the time, I could move playing pieces around, jump across the linear track to the same color or place all of 'picture cards' to the top of the deck. I still play this game quite well and soooooo look forward to challenging our next generation of our children's children!

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Patrick said...

Did you cheat when you were playing against me also?!