Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Obama Baby!

As of this hour the presumptive nominee for the Democrat nominee for President of the United States is Barack Obama. Wow!!! This is amazing and exciting and sets precedents from now on. What an amazing person. Ben and I first met him at a small gathering here in OKC in February of 2007 (around 500 people present). Ben also snagged me a sign --- but I think he took it to Tulsa --- and I was interviewed by one of the new stations. At that time I emphasized his stance on health care and was still waiting to hear from the other candidates. Now I am totally excited about the historic precedent and this extraordiary time we are living in. I am thankful my children are participating in this amazing commentary of the young people's indifference to race and color. Very profound and timely.


Patrick said...

I remember Tami coming home from that really totally excited about Senator Obama. His candidacy does seem like a breath of fresh air coming after a long, hard, cold winter.

Let's hope that the Republican PR machine doesn't character slay him to the point that the uniformed majority of American voters are swayed by the fear that is the hallmark of the right wing establishment.

Zataod said...

I'm really hopeful now that we can see a real positive change in our nation's leadership.

Zataod said...
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