Sunday, June 8, 2008

Psssssst, Do Something!

This is the last line on a video that a friend sent me. Please watch and see the shameful voting record of Senator Jim Inhofe from Oklahoma. This is the third time today I have felt the need to 'act' and not 'talk'. So, I think I will take a huge leap and forward the following video to my family. Along with this forward I also want people to meet Andrew Rice who is running against Senator Inhofe for the Senate seat. I have know Andrew for two years now and we volunteered for his State Senate run two years ago. He is a principled man who also has a degree in Divinity from Harvard. His wife is a pathologist and they have two young boys. Both are bright, articulate and very family oriented. Andrew also has a brother who was killed on 9-11-01. This was the impetus for him to do something positive. Hhhmmmmm, I would say it's also time for me to be more posittive and "Do Something"!

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Patrick said...

This seems to be the pattern of the party in charge now. What it implies is that our troops are expendable and we can deploy them for whatever reason we choose. Sad.