Monday, July 28, 2008

Kids and Bathing

I first read Octamom's post about children bathing together this morning before I went to work, but hesitated to respond because I became very thoughtful. I wanted to contemplate before I left a response and provide a somewhat intelligent post. But the day started with a bang. . . I heard from our daughter, who is now 27 married 2 years and 6 months pregnant, called to tell me her baby ( my grandson!!!) is now moving so much her tummy looks freakishly alive. Then I heard from her older brother who is 28 and was terribly mad because my daughter-in-law went in for a routine "i'm very barely pregnant doctor visit" and the doctor ordered a routine vaginal ultrasound and Maggie heard their baby's heartbeat without my son present. Now that was not a pleasant phone call as he complained about appointments and how there should be a little more notification when significant opportunities may occur. Very sadly for this doctor and staff he will be a father-to-be who will ask questions ( he likes to gather information), pace (because he has always had difficulty sitting still) but is always ever thankful and kind with professionals (I'm sure he gets that from his parents!)!! Then I had to call the youngest just to complete the circle and was happy to have him ask us up to Tulsa next weekend just to hang out.

I am now in a place I would never have dreamed I would be 30 years ago . . . and am very thankful and blessed life is GOOD!

So, now the response to children bathing . . . . uhhmmmm as I remember (but don't trust this because I am now much older) our children pretty much decided who they wanted to bathe with at different times in those very short years.

Note to all!!! These years are over before you know it!! Enjoy them!!!


Patrick said...

I would have to agree with your assesment that we are truly blessed. If I had made a list at age 21 of what would make me truly happy at age 52, I doubt I would have included things such as an incredible 29 year marriage and friendship, three wonderful children and two grandchildren to be. I think you had an inkling of the importance of these things back then and I love you for getting me on the path with you to where we are right now.

As for children bathing together, there was a certain utility and economy of effort to put them all in the tub at once. I think you would wash and then hand me one at a time to dry off. I am sure that there was a time when one of the kids said "no" to this assembly line method of washing but alas, in my memory, all I see is the happy splashing of 3 children in a tub and then each blanketed with a towel to dry them off.

Octamom said...

Glad to see the 'assembly line' concept here--on my more organized days (a rarity--but they do happen)--it works well! I think you're right--it does seem that my older ones just naturally brought things to a halt as their own modesty kicked in---