Monday, August 4, 2008

John Adams

Hhhhmmmm, since no one reads this blog I thought I would post some of my favorite "J" names as in my son-in-laws middle name --- "Jay". From maybe what I understand (and let's place emphasis on the maybe) the earliest grandchild to be born in November may have a middle name with the initial "j" or a soft "g" sound. So for something to do I will begin a list here:
Theron John Roberts
Theron Jefferson Roberts
Theron Jackson Roberts
Theron Johnson Roberts
Theron George Roberts
Theron James Roberts
Theron Jasper Roberts
Theron Jaime Roberts
Theron Jordan Roberts
Theron Jennings Roberts
Theron Jack Roberts
Etc etc etc etc

So I must say we are in the middle of John Adams this week on TV. Jeez . . .wait I wonder how that would sound? Theron Jeez Roberts . . . ok so definitely not ---- but any way this wonderful show on DVD is amazing --- ok here is another thought:
Theron General Roberts

Well we shall see --- Thank God I am not making this decision!


Patrick said...

From Lonesome Dove

Theron July Roberts

Octamom said...

And then there are all those awesome Octamom J names to consider.....


Tami said...

Love love love love (did I day love?) Justice or is it Justus?