Monday, September 15, 2008

CNN Twitter Update

I am not sure if I like this but I have become somewhat enamored with Twitter! I enjoyed the quick update I was able to make from my phone on Saturday. It kept people from talking to me because I forgot to bring a book to a pedicure (yes . . . . but I don't indulge in too many other things). Also I have added the CNN Twitter update and can't decide if I want to hear this kind of news or not:
The Dow ends nearly 500 points lower -- its worst point drop in more than seven years -- as bank woes scare investors.

We are so fortunate to be living here in landlocked Oklahoma where the cost of living is manageable on our middle class salaries.

One more thing . . . Jim Roth belongs to the same church we belong and recently lectured for Mayflower's Distinguished Lecture series. He is totally amazing and I am sure his mother must be terribly proud!!! He stated, "Faith is a perpetual compass that navigates us through challenges." He is running for Corporation Commisioner here in Oklahoma and is an amazing wonderful intelligient handsome (words from my mother-in-law ----- I must agree) public servant who also chases down criminals while on the street!

Also please note the picture of Mayflower . . . . "unapologetically Christian and unapologetically Liberal". As Patrick says, "An oasis of progressive and affirming culture in the middle of a very conservative and divisive state."


InALittleMinute said...

Im a bit baffled by the twitter craze at the moment as well! Glad to hear I am not alone!

AVT Coach said...

"Faith is a perpetual compass that navigates us through challenges."

I blogged about Faith today..see post! Seems we often think along the same lines. Thank you for your concern!

Patrick said...

I don't understand twitter either, but we were playing TW 2009.

AVT Coach said...

Can you explain Twitter to me tomorrow, I feel out of touch!

AVT Coach said...

You are right about tone and your words of encouragment helped me today!