Friday, October 24, 2008

Twitter Skype and Flickr

How do you leave something that has become more important than just about everything else you do? You realize life must go on and there has to be enough technology to close the very very very short 90 minute distance between the two of you!

First you obtain a Flickr account ---- and it helps if you have extended family who also have Flickr accounts. Flickr is so easy my Dad and Patrick's mom have accounts. Now this is not to discredit their awesome expertise with the computer because both are already light years ahead of where I was when I first began and let's don't even mention the lack of John McCain's computer skills --- hard to believe he has not even tried it given all of the adaptations people . . .

Next you begin to think about a Skype camera ---- this channels all of the "I wish there was some way we could see each other live during the week" thoughts to people around you. Then the minute your dearest son-in-law mentions possibly getting one you pounce while the iron is HOT! This entails calling your husband who is bored, missing the rest of his family because he has to work and LOVES all things techy. I know he is a little worried about the 'nerd' issue but we won't go there.

And concurrently you have your daughter and son-in-law's dear friend Courtney set you up on Twitter. this gives you a couple of months of practice before the communication addiction must be fed! The quick updates from others are easy easy easy!! My grandson now has a Twitter account and my be able to give quick updates during his busy days of eating (every 2 hours --- his mommy is awesome!), diaper changing (I remember the days of obsessions with diapers), and general all around cuteness and brilliance!

Voila! I wake up this am and discover my very precociously bright grandson has his own Twitter account. These should all feed my healthy communication addictions. I just love my family!

OK, off to stare at the latest miracle in my life!


Patrick said... I have an official Twitter account, although I still have nothing to

Octamom said...

As you know, all these little tech bits of brilliance have certainly enhanced our 'life away from home' over that last few years!!