Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gardening 2009 at Elder Maison

Today is March 15 and I have now planted lettuces, some spinach, cilantro and basil. I am about to move the cilantro and basil seedlings to larger pots and this will leave cucumbers and swiss chard for later this week.

Interestingly, I have always felt gardening reminded me too much of my mother --- the excellent gardener --- and therefore I never expanded to edible plants! This is sticking my toe in the large ocean of learning to grow my food and I know I will enjoy the next logical step ---learning how to store food. So with composting, gardening and trying to keep the trash down to only one can a week --- I feel we are making a dent on our changes but something still feels missing. I've resigned myself to trusting this 'process' and being open to more changes in my small existence here in landlocked OKC.

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Patrick said...

Here is hoping that all of it survives our crazy weather!